Buy & Sell Crypto

Buy & Sell Crypto

Buy and sell digital assets directly through us with immediate settlement at Calgary Crypto Exchange.
No middlemen or third parties. Receive support throughout the process.

Step 1: Prior to the trade

Reach out to us and let us know which digital asset(s) you will be purchasing, how much you’ll be investing, and when you'd like the trade to take place. We can then give you a quote based on current market price. For example, if you’re purchasing $5,000 worth of Bitcoin, we can tell you how much Bitcoin that would get you at that moment. Once these details have been discussed, we can schedule a date and time for you to personally visit our office, receive assistance if you need any, and carry out the transaction. Keep in mind that meeting in-person isn’t obligatory unless you are paying in cash or precious metals. Payment can also be made via e-transfer or bank and wire, and you can place your order over the phone, text message, or email. We are also available on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal Messenger, and Zoom.

Step 2:

Once you arrive at your appointment you’ll be greeted by a staff member, with whom you’ll finalize the details of your trade. If the trade is being done remotely, this will be done over your medium of choice; just call, message, or e-mail us when you’re ready. If you’re new to crypto and have questions or need assistance setting up a wallet, we’ll give you all the help you need. We will then lock in the price of the digital asset you are buying or selling. If you’re a buyer, you’ll make your payment. Once we have received your funds, we will send the cryptocurrency you have just purchased to your wallet. If you’re a seller, you will send your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whichever digital asset you’re selling to the wallet address we provide you. Once it has been received on our end, we will pay you out via cash or whichever method of payment you prefer. Once the transaction is complete, we’ll e-mail you a receipt and print out a hard copy if you wish as well. We’ll be here to answer any lingering questions or provide any further support.

Our Fee Structure

The fee we take is determined by the size of the trade as well as your desired payment method. Our fee structure is straightforward and easy to understand. Depending on the size of your trade, our fees can range from a low of 2% to a high of 5%. Only one fee is charged per trade and this fee may be calculated as a percentage of the amount of cryptocurrency that you are purchasing or selling. We reduce the percentage fee structure as the size of the trade increases. You can also benefit from a lower fee by paying or agreeding to get paid out via e-transfer or bank wire rather than cash, and an even lower fee if you pay for your crypto with, or sell your crypto in exchange for, gold or silver bullion. Continue below to see how our fees are calculated.

Purchaser - Example A

You are investing $20,000 into Bitcoin. Our fee for this trade is 3.5% Bitcoin’s current market price is $40,000 You will receive (20,000 *(1-0.035)) /40,000 = 0.4825 BTC

Purchaser - Example B

You are purchasing 1.5 Bitcoin Our fee for this purchase is 2.75% The current market price for Bitcoin is $60,000 1.5 BTC will cost you (1.5*60,000)/(1-0.0275) = $92,544.99

Seller - Example A

You want to cash out $3000 worth of Bitcoin Our fee for this sale is 4% Bitcoin’s current market price is $40,000 To get $3,000, you’ll owe us 3000/(40,000*(1-0.04)) = 0.078125 BTC

Seller - Example B

You are selling 1.5 Bitcoin Our fee for this sale is 2.75% The current market spot price for Bitcoin is $60,000 In exchange for 1.5 BTC, we pay you 1.5*60,000*(1-0.0275) = $87,525